~God~Love~Poetry~Life~Spoken-Word~Night Tales~


I see light after darkness
Can you see crown after cross?
Look beyond what you see
There is more to see

I see peace after war
Can you see grasses clothe the ground?
There is more to know
Than can ever be known

I see love after loneliness
Can you see rest after weariness?
There is more to learn
Than can ever be learnt

I see joy after sorrow
I know today but not tomorrow
Can you see gleam after gloom?
There is more to rose’ bloom

I see calm after blast
Can you see life after tomb?
Perhaps I might be wrong
But I am not drunk!

Gain after pain
Light after darkness
Sun after rain
Honey after bitterness

On the plain of grace
I race without trace
Till I find my place
Through love and faith…

‘He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered’ Prov28:26

-Alowo Paul



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Paul . A

Paul . A

I write to explore and express my right, holding the elements of truth and wisdom without a speck of falsehood. Poetry is my delight. The one area I share my thoughts about the yesterday, now and the future. I am Paul Alowo. The one who dwells in the wealth of words, because words are the most powerful tool to change your world šŸŒŽ.

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