~God~Love~Poetry~Life~Spoken-Word~Night Tales~


Fount of terrible tragedy
Chamber of death and allies
Residence of evil and ungodly
Terrorist terrifying underworld territories

Flames of fire
In Eternal misery, lost souls perspires
No mortal dare admires
The abyss where vile souls retires

Region beneath the earth
Realm of Eternal darkness in heat
Fieriest ablaze boiling in lava lake
Darkness of despair and sorrow

Therein is the steam of boiling tears
Therein is the sobbing of murderers
Therein is the wailing of idolaters,
Sexually immoral and practicer of dark arts

Gnashing of teeth are never ceasing
There is no resting season
No turning back once you’re caged
Tormentor never cease tormenting the damned!

In the palace of royal and endless grieve
Deep pain, the devil relentlessly gives!
Plague of hail
Wrath of hell

Clutches of Hades!

”Since the days of John the Baptist and until now,

The kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence

And the violent take it by force”- Mathew 11:12




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Paul . A

Paul . A

I write to explore and express my right, holding the elements of truth and wisdom without a speck of falsehood. Poetry is my delight. The one area I share my thoughts about the yesterday, now and the future. I am Paul Alowo. The one who dwells in the wealth of words, because words are the most powerful tool to change your world 🌎.

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