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How soft art thou?

How tender is thy splendor?

How succulent art thy lips?

May I suckle upon thy breasts?

Like a baby to his mother’s nipple

Please my love, do I ask too much?

My pure spirit is tainted

Thoughts have been arrested

Turned sinful by this amorous being

For at this moment, I am a captive of my flesh

When I glimpse into thy eyes

I see the twinkles of angels

But lust persist, leading me to this pinnacle

Vision obscured by thick fog

If only you’d reach from me here in the dark

Save me from the lows of my own heart

This glossy being renders me speechless

Oh my heart flutters wildly as I splutter

Why do men continue to aspire

And desire that which is fleeting

Groans and moan in that essence

Of void substance

For coitus is His fine art

It is the one area we take part

In the creation of LIFE

The sun of trial will scorch

And it mark shall never be erased

If misused

Written by: ALOWO PAUL

Edited by: Deborah Renee

flesh call 2


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Paul . A

I write to explore and express my right, holding the elements of truth and wisdom without a speck of falsehood. Poetry is my delight. The one area I share my thoughts about the yesterday, now and the future. I am Paul Alowo. The one who dwells in the wealth of words, because words are the most powerful tool to change your world 🌎.

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