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Who is Ajise Vincent?

Ajise Vincent is a twenty-one year old “amateur mystic”who once in a while takes a break from the ever strenuous pilgrimage of life to pen down questions on why we are even venturing on this pilgrimage


When did you commence writing poetry?

I first wrote what poetic pundits termed poetry towards the end of 2013 during the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU)strike


What is/are your ambition(s) about your writing career?

By the grace of God I hope to write plethora of books that would impact lives of the present and lives unborn

Can You briefly tell us of your educational Career?

I am a 400 level student of Economics at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB)…

Who is/are your role Model(s)

I only have one role model who is the being my faith has laid down his principles that I should follow. Other individuals that I look up to or admire (in)directly I simply refer to as “teachers” and there are legions of them. If I should start mentioning names we won’t leave here

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

By the grace of God I hope to have finished my second degree and at lest written a poetry collection

What is your favorite book and why?

That’s a hard question because they are a lot of good books I have read.
Each having different strength and different messages. Let me just say I am yet to find a favorite

Which writer inspires you?

All writers I read and listen to inspire me. It takes courage to put thoughts on paper or even to voice out your thoughts. That’s enough inspiration for a shy fellow like me


What advice do you have for all aspiring writers?

Simply be yourself, start writing and don’t stop



                           ENJOY ONE OF HIS POEM TITLED ”PAPA’S ADVICE”


                                                            PAPA’S ADVICE



I have,
Sat among elders
Who sang eulogies
To scars of sleeping past
Before the chewing of the kola nut.

I have,
Sailed through tempestuous streams
To see for myself, those mermaids,
Of enchanting lustful adoration
Whose hope lurks in truncated waters.

I have,
Walked through deserts of pain
Where heat beams of fiery woes
Scorched my aged conscience
E’en at the presence of prestigious Oases.


Listen son,

I once drank,
From the goblet of a fallen king
Whose nostalgic dream
Soared to a crest unattainable
But later had to trod by the aid of a walking stick.

I once,
Got lost on the road of ambitions
Yes, I wandered amiss in the forest of visions
Until I took the bull by the horn
And rejected the crocodile tears of nature.

I was once mocked
For rapaciously defiling,
Decorum at the place of deceit
Whose begat: the fruit of honesty
Is what you feed on, today.



Can sweats who roam,
This raucous streets of deception
Beat their chest,
Of heavenly triumph?

Can breasts that milk hope
Say with confidence
That they wont be adorned with slack
If the juvenile dreams refuse to mature?

Listen son,
The world may boast of enticing rubies
E’en the finest dames cum realities
Enticing your frail mind to bid adieu to truth
Ne’er give in,for all are mere vanities.




2 comments on “Interviews

  1. Jeremiah Peters
    November 23, 2014

    I respect this bard so much!


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